Coffee can be so addictive that you start collecting cups or cans filled with the flavoursome brew. I have acquired so many of these that I needed to find an outlet.

And what can be better than an espresso that doubles up as dessert?

Here is a treat that all you coffee lovers out there, wouldn’t want to miss. .. and the sweet tooth too 🍫


Mocha Espresso Mousse

Ingredients for 10 cups

☕️ 100 grams dark chocolate 🍫

☕️2 avocados medium and ripe

☕️2 tablespoons espresso or 2 shots

☕️100 ml almond milk

☕️1 table spoon vanilla extract

☕️3 tablespoons coconut syrup or Agave

☕️1 pinch of salt


Melt the chocolate gently au bain-marie.

Then place in a blender.

Add all ingredients into the blender with the melted chocolate and run until smooth.

Serve in coffee cups and leave in fridge for two hours or less until it sets.

Note 📝

-If you use espresso shots, then reduce the almond milk by the same quantity of the shots

You can flavor the mixture with lemon zest or mint extract or Grand Marnier 😉 for a festive hint