Do you⁉️ And how deep❓

Take a minute and notice your breathing rhythm. You will be shocked to realize that most of us do not even know how to do it properly anymore 🆘

Our first birth right, our first instinctive reaction is no longer a priority ☢️

Of course we breathe you will answer me, but it’s so shallow, so precarious as if we also want to rush this precious influx of life.

Re-learn to breathe💚 to go slow 🌱long and full. Give back to your body the time to replenish on life’s primary treasure: oxygen 🌱

As they say, we can go 4 weeks without food, 4 days without water but we can’t even do 4 minutes without air! 😷

So take a breath of air in, visualize its journey from your nostrils to your toes and back 🌺

I promise you will feel alive and new. And while you’re taking care of the body, your mind is taking care of itself! 💫

Trust the process and inhale…