A very recent study has shown a correlation between periodontal diseases and Alzheimer’s. It might seem farfetched but in the eagerness to fight off this sad ailment of the brain, scientifics and researchers

So yes, it seems periodontal disease (aka gum infection) is a main culprit since the same bacteria affecting the teeth, then the gum then the supporting bone, have been found and in high percentage inside the brain of all Alzheimer’s patients who were part of this research.

Is it an answer to cure this dangerous disease that is threatening half of the planet’s population by 2050? Unfortunately not.

But a good start to reduce its risks would be a perfect dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist or orthodontist.

Alzheimer’s or not, dental and buccal problems result from one of two neglects: bad hygiene or bad nutrition and in both cases the outcome is in your hands.

So look at munching a daily apple (with the skin), brush your teeth at least twice a day and do it as long as it takes to sing your favourite song (please do that in your head). Floss regularly, reduce caffeine and smoke -cliche recommendations you would tell me!

Here is an unusual way to get rid of mouth bacteria, keep a healthy breath and a beautiful smile… I guess if we walk the line up towards the brain we can conclude that we are swiping the doorway very nicely.

Swish with Coconut Oil- first thing in the morning, a spoonful of coconut oil in the mouth. Keep it there for a minimum of 7 to 10 minutes and swish it around, making sure you go around all your teeth. Once time is up, do not spit it in the basin as it might clog the drains, rather use a tissue (many tissues) to spit it out and discard in the bin. You do not want to look at that tissue under the microscope: it would be scary!

Repeat, if not every day at least twice a week.

You will thank me every time you will remember this blog… and if the research against Alzheimer’s is at what it is today, then I am sure you will remember 🙂

are looking at every single thread of hope to finally find a cure.