If I had to choose

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If I had to choose between going to University when I did in my late teens or going back now in my late 5Xteens  I would definitely choose NOW! Ask me why? Well for a start maturity and the knowing of what we really want in life happens at a later stage than our first [...]

A Story of Faith and Friendship

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Tom was a young man who loved life. He was a fitness enthusiast and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to take part in marathons and competitions in his town. One day, while hiking with friends, Tom had a serious accident. He fell in a crevice and it took the paramedics and the firefighters 2 hours to get [...]

Goodness is an Act of Strength

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Yes it’s true. Except that we have been conditioned to think that power equals hardness and that survival is that of the law of the jungle. How many of us have been brought up to believe that life is a struggle, that love is a competition, that financial abundance is a tough quest – The Eldorado! [...]

You like your weekends? They like theirs too

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In our over growing consumerism and this imaginary need to own everything we fancy, we have been driving production to unhealthy levels. China seems to be the world’s factory, the steam room of the ship, the place of hardship and discomfort just so the rest of the world could enjoy the latest gadget, the latest pair [...]

🌿 Cactus and Ivy 🌵

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🌵I have been pondering lately about relationships and the changing chemistry between people over time; and I have sadly noticed that all kinds of relationships could change for the worse, even the ones that we believe have been sealed not only with love but also with blood. Thus confirming that there should be an ongoing cultivation [...]


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Do you⁉️ And how deep❓ Take a minute and notice your breathing rhythm. You will be shocked to realize that most of us do not even know how to do it properly anymore 🆘 Our first birth right, our first instinctive reaction is no longer a priority ☢️ Of course we breathe you will answer me, [...]

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