Integrative Nutrition Coaching

Integrative Nutrition Coaching is set as a programme and you have the option to go for 3-month or 6-month span. The reason is simply to enable you get into the new mindset and form new habits that will stay with you for years to come.

It also enable us to practice with you what works best for your body and your lifestyle while instilling you with these new habits to become your new way of doing things.

I also teach cooking classes where participants leave with not only the recipes, but also the why behind the choices of the ingredients, and of course they get to taste the beautiful meal we prepare together.

Free Initial Nutrition Assessment

60-minute session: Evaluation of current dietary intake and individualized nutrient goal setting for improved body composition and overall health. This initial Health History session is

Free of Charge

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Personal Nutrition Counseling

55-minute bi-monthly sessions over your choice of 3- or 6-month programmes: Personalized counseling with your nutrition goals, food preferences, and health concerns. An integrative approach to your health.

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120-minute session: Successful weight management and healthy eating is best when carried out within a supportive group. I work with corporate as well as with friends and family members.

The session is an overview of how to integrate healthy habits and shift the balance towards clean sustainable eating practices.

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90-minute session: The level of support system coaching would build in you and the level of awareness you’ll reach will lead to acknowledgement and that to taking purposeful actions.

Allow yourself blossom!

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Ready to come to your home to guide you, or a group of friends, through a fun session of cooking right in your very own kitchen.

Classes are tailored to your own desire, so the sky is the limit!

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90-minute Supermarket Trip to show you how you can confidently navigate the grocery store and buy real food. We will explore the shelves from aisle to aisle while you will learn how to be a conscious and knowledgeable consumer in a confusing marketplace.

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