Everyone has a bank, sometimes two. We might like one more than the other because this is where we have opened our first account, or maybe the staff is friendly and the service is swifter… many reasons to make a person enjoy or dread going to their bank and looking at their finance portfolio, at least this is my belief.

So I chose to enroll at one bank and have a single account. The bank is universal and the account holds favours 🙂

yes that’s right it’s my bank of favours and the beauty of it is that it never decreases or withers for the simple reason that my credit is continuously flowing.

How do I do that? simple gestures or even just words shared with people around me, words of joy, compliments, niceties that do really come out of the heart.

And every now and then, sending the elevator back to someone who is truly in need of it, makes feel the richest person on earth, just because i could do it, I wanted to do it and most importantly, it was received with gratitude and open mind and heart.

We are many that thrive to be of support – not to say of use- during this lifetime, I am just adding the value of anything I do in terms that my heart and my mind can define and understand. And if my dollars or dirhams are not piling up at the height or pace 😛 I would like them to, I know that my riches are abundant and ever-flowing and I have one column in my balance sheet, only one, that says “I Brought Happiness” rather than debit/credit.