The Mediterranean countryside in your plate!

A great olden days’ recipe made with eggplant, tomato and minced beef, baked in the oven and served with rice or bread if you wish. For a limited carbs intake you can drop the latter and serve it with some yogurt on the side.

Ingredients for 6
– 2 eggplants
– 1 kilo tomato
– 2 big onions
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 400 grms minced beef
– A handful of pine nuts
– 2 spoonfuls vegetable oil
– 3 spoonful of tomato paste. You can alternatively use fresh tomato ( one kilo of very ripe ones blended)
– Salt, pepper, dried herbs (of your choice: mint, Provence, ciboulette, parsley, etc.)


Cut the eggplants in half moon chunks of 1 cms (approximately). Cover with a little oil and salt and pepper and bake on a tray in a very hot oven. This should take 20 minutes. Make sure you flip them around half way through the baking time.
In the meantime, cut the onion in small cubes, and sautee in a pan with a spoonful of vegetable oil. Add the crushed garlic and then the meat.
Season to taste. Add the pine nuts at the end, stir for a few minutes and keep aside.
Once the eggplants are baked, arrange in a tray and scoop the meat mixture on top.
Add the tomato rinds on top of the meat.
Now you can add the sauce made with the blended tomatoes or your paste diluted in 3 cups of water. Add a sprinkle of your dried herbs.
Get the tray into the hot oven and let bake for 25 minutes on 275 Celsius.
Serve Hot!