This is the perfect combination for a nutritious vegetarian/vegan meal: a bean, a grain and a green.
My husband likes beetroot, my kids don’t so I found the best way to secretly incorporate the goodness of the beet without having to add the veggie, at least for them.
Here it is!
A grain, a green and a bean
Ingredients for two as a main or four appetizers
● Kale – 100 grams or a 4 leaves
● Quinoa, white – 100 grams
● Beetroot – 2 medium cooked in salt water- save the water
● Black Eye Beans – 100 grams of pre-cooked beans and if in a hurry, take a can (yes you can!)
● Olive oil – 2 spoonful
● Lemon juice – 1 lemon
● Fresh Garlic
● Salt, Black Pepper

Wash and clean the beetroot then cook whole in salted water. This should take up to 15 minutes. Remove from the water and let cool.
Rinse the quinoa very well and cook it in the water of the beetroot.

This will give it the vegetable’s aroma and a nice pinkish hue. Cooking time is 15 minutes. After which you drain and let cool.
In a salad bowl, smash the garlic with the salt, add the olive oil then the lemon juice.
Cut the Kale in small bits after removing the sprigs (you can keep those to make a vegetable stock)
Add it to the bowl.
Add the quinoa and the beans and mix well.
Salt and pepper to taste.

When dressing the plates, you can dice the beetroot and add it on top for whoever likes it.
TIP: This might seem like a lengthy process but you can cook the quinoa and keep a big batch in the fridge to be used whenever needed. The same goes for the beetroot, as it is nice to have it cooked in big batches and sitting in an airtight container in the fridge, ready for use. Prepping in advance will make you save time at each meal and will help you organize your groceries on a weekly basis.