Dates are an amazing natural sweetener to add to many treats.

Dates are an amazing food packed with antioxidants- Flavonoids, Carotenoids and Phenolic Acid. These have anti-inflammatory benefits and support the cardiovascular system. With a very low glycemic index and high fiber content, they help in regulating diabetes. They make a delicious natural sweetener in desserts.

Living in Dubai, we have easy access to fresh dates all year round. If you cannot find fresh dates, just go for dried ones. But soak them for half hour when prepping for the recipe.

Ingredients for 35 bites

Dates, fresh – 15 pieces

Dried Nuts (your choice of cashew or hazelnuts) – half a cup

Honey- 1 to 2 spoonfuls

Orange Flower Essence (optional) – 5 drops

Oat, rolled – half a cup

Sesame seeds, for the finish – half a cup


Remove the pits from the date and hash coarsely 🌴

Place them together with all the other ingredients in a bowl and mix with your fingers like a paste 🌴

For a smoother finish (similar to the ones in my picture) I used a food processor or a Nutribullet 🌴

Now you have the dough 🌴

Roll it into small balls (bite size) and cover with sesame seeds 🌴

You can also use caster sugar to coat 🌴

For colourful bites, you can coat half in sesame seeds and the other half in grounded pistachio or coconut shavings 🌴

These bites are the perfect pamiring with a cup of morning coffee ☕️ Or your afternoon tea 🍵