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Conversations with Eez

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Conversations with Eez Elise Sarkis, IIN Health Coach and Thetahealing Master. As an Integrative Health Coach, I can help you define what works for you to reach an optimum healthy body that will support a beautiful mind. We will be taking a step-wise approach to behavioral change that will lead you where you always wanted to be. Starting with Open Forum’s Conversations on Monday 27th July and every Monday in August, 9:00 p.m. Dubai Time. Link on Zoom will be sent in DM. Participation is Free

You like your weekends? They like theirs too

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In our over growing consumerism and this imaginary need to own everything we fancy, we have been driving production to unhealthy levels. China seems to be the world’s factory, the steam room of the ship, the place of hardship and discomfort just so the rest of the world could enjoy the latest gadget, the latest pair [...]

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Life can be as joyful and easy as you want it to be! Happy to assist you during this transformation with practical tools and spiritual concepts <3.