This is a difficult one, especially for me who is known to be so gregarious.

But I had to try it to believe it and truly a shift has happened, a good one!

Since very young I was known to be fiery, answer back and assert myself by being hot-tempered and aggressive. Somehow I was brought up to think that this makes a strong character.

One day, a friend of mine was driving with me in the car. And as so many drivers in bad traffic, I was turning ferocious towards other cars, other drivers, the traffic lights and so on. I had probably cursed and cursed for the past hour until she looked at me and said: “Really Elise, you have managed to kick away all your angels!!”

I remember feeling stunned and then upset like a child would be when accused of breaking mom’s favourite vase….

– Really I said?

– Yes you did. Every time you utter an angry word, they feel uneasy…

Mmm I thought to myself, I can’t be so rude and heartless as to upset those kind creatures so I promised to go for 3 days without pronouncing one angry word.

And so it was… a very hard exercise but oh so powerful in its outcome.

So starting tomorrow, each time you feel upset or angry and in need to pour out, think of your guardian angels and the effect this must have on them (smile), and sing out loud… anything that comes to mind.

Just turn your diatribe of curses and nasty words into a singing litany. It must sound crazy and you will sound crazy to others but it is the only way to let go the anger and frustration without sounding nasty… Give it a try and on day 2 you will see, it will get lesser and lesser and by day 3 you will be amazed at the number of minutes of your day where you would have saved yourself the sourness of anger and the negative effect it has on you and on the people around you- angels or not!