The first time I read about the gratitude stone, I thought cynically of how people can be fooled by anything. That was definitely years ago, as now I do not go to sleep without holding onto my gratitude stone as a reminder of how good life can be.

The story was about a father whose 10 year old kid was dying of unknown reason. Doctors could not explain the disease and the father was lost to what can be done. Until someone told him that he needed to give his son some kind of reason for willing to live on and told him about The Gratitude Stone.

The father went to the beach and picked a stone that was smooth, small enough to fit in his child’s palm and returned home. Every day the father would hold that stone and tell the kid how far it might have traveled and what shores it might have hit before ending on the kid’s nightstand table. The kid’s eyes would light up at his father’s stories and soon enough he started asking questions about travels, other countries, other people’s habits etc., to which the father would reply as best as he could, promising that one day soon, they will be able to visit together some of these countries.

And the daily ritual would end up with the father saying how grateful he was to have his son, how important his son was to him and how much he cherished their family bond.

Soon enough the kid who was sleeping while holding that stone, started to feel better. After months of wilting away, he started asking for food, then to be taken outdoors and so on. A few weeks later he was completely healed.

Now we know that the stone is no miracle in itself, but that the stories that unfolded around it, turned to become the child’s dreams and goals. The gratitude prayer that the father recited every evening might have empowered the stone in a way that is still mysterious to us. Or it might have simply spoken to the child’s subconscious mind to tell how great the family bond is, how promising life can be and most importantly to keep the self in a state of gratitude and thankfulness which is the right way to open the channels of abundance for health, wealth and happiness.

So pick up a stone- from your garden, the beach, any stone that seems to call you. Clean it and place it next to your bed. Every night before you fall asleep, hold it in your hand and recall every beautiful thing that happened to you since you woke up in the morning and repeat how grateful you are for all of that.

Trust me, soon enough this stone will be so infused with gratitude that it will be able to reflect back at you, each time you hold it in your hand, tenfolds of this beautiful energy!