A popular dessert in the Arab countries, Umm Ali is the oriental version of the French Pain Perdu

Here is a simple recipe but oh so delicious!

The perfect end to a dinner party or an amazing dessert for an afternoon tea or a morning ‘Sobhieh’


For a 25 cm pan

Milk, 3 cups

Brown sugar, half a cup

Fresh cream, twice half a cup

Millefeuille biscuits, 250 grams

Mastic grounded, one teaspoon

Orange blossom water, 1 teaspoon


For the dressing: Pistachio in slices or grounded, raisins, almond slivers, coconut grounded.


Add the sugar, the orange blossom water and the mastic to the milk and bring to a boil.

Add half cup fresh cream, whisk and immediately remove from the heat.

In your serving dish, dispose your biscuits in a vertical way (it’s easier to spread the nuts evenly across the layers)

Sprinkle the coconut, raisins, almond and pistachios.

Pour the milk mixture over, to cover.

Drizzle the second half cup of cream on top.

And in the oven at 150 degrees for 20 minutes and 5 minutes under the broil to give it a golden finish.

Out of the oven, then sprinkle some more pistachios and almond slivers. Serve warm.


Tip 1: the millefeuille can be replaced by palmitos or simply by the Arabic bread used to sandwich the kenafah.

Tip 2: once you poor the milk over the biscuits, these tend to float up, so I cover the pan with a plate for 10 mins, which gives enough time to the biscuit to soak up the milk while being held in place 😊. The plate will be removed before placing in the oven.