Beetroot Juice

Other than its awesome colour that can lift any mood 🤗 beetroot juice has many health benefits:

– Packed with phytonutrients including Folate.

– Contains a high average of your daily intake of Vitamin C.

– It’s high in fiber and very low in calories so very much diet-friendly.

– Most importantly, it purifies the blood stream and by doing so, it supports the system to fight cardiovascular diseases.

– It also lowers blood pressure.

– 🌸 From an aesthetic perspective, beetroot juice cleanse the skin from the inside out, therefore it’s a natural way to reduce acne and other similar skin imperfections.

– ❤️ and since Valentine’s Day is upon us, here is a romantic Eastern belief:

When a man and a woman share the same beetroot, they are bound to fall in love and become inseparable.

So People, if you’re in love, go ahead and Up your “beet”! ❤️ On the 14th !

TIP for juicing:

I tend to juice every other day. Not daily because

a) I am really very very busy with work

b) I usually juice 10 to 15 kilos of various fruits at a time – we‘re a big family 🤣

So to ensure my beetroot juice remains fresh and silky, I add a teaspoon of lemon 🍋 juice in the bottle of beetroot.