In our over growing consumerism and this imaginary need to own everything we fancy, we have been driving production to unhealthy levels. China seems to be the world’s factory, the steam room of the ship, the place of hardship and discomfort just so the rest of the world could enjoy the latest gadget, the latest pair of snickers, the clothes, the furniture, the toys etc. as if there was no tomorrow.
It’s ok to want nice things, but it’s not ok to want them at ridiculously cheap prices.
Factories have been working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day (if not more) with unqualified staff, many youngsters who should be going to school and playing outdoors instead of slaving in slums, just so the rest of the world could enjoy a little bit more of all these unnecessary goods: things and frills that we sport on the weekend, to show off, to feel good, maybe rich, and definitely in!
If we look at some of the figures from last month’s statistics, some relating to the environmental impact, the family trends, the nature, facts resulting from a state that we thought was forced onto us, we realise that it takes a small effort to rebalance the forces for both the planet and humankind.
I will not delve into talks that you must be saturated of – news and social media having done the job!
But just a word: BALANCE! 🤹🏻‍♀️
Relook at your priorities, go back to simple things in life, downsize anything everything and so will you contribute to the wellness of a quarter of the world’s population and you save the rest from something bigger that we might not come back from.
And on your next weekend, when you’re showing off your new sneakers or sunglasses or gadget or any new unneeded addition to your ever growing possessions just think that on the other end someone could have enjoyed less hours at work and more free time in the sun ☀️ because they like their weekends too!