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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

- Hippocrates
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Meet Elise

My Name is Elise Sarkis- Talj and I have been living in Dubai since 1992.

I am a Hotelier by trade and I have worked in the hospitality industry for three decades.

I am married and have 3 great children that are now well on their way to flying out of the nest. I have always been interested in health-related topics and lately I have had an immense spiritual awakening as it came after an instantaneous healing of an eye dis-ease that doctors were unable to cure.

Therefore my career in the corporate world has had to shift and I started studying ThetaHealing® – the modality that brought me back my good health.

Fast forward five years and today I am a Certified Master and practitioner of ThetaHealing®, graduate of THInK, USA and also a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coach, graduate of IIN the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

My best friends had always called me Eez, thus the name of the website.

​Throughout the posts, there will be tips and notes and short stories that will encourage you to take your first step to improving your life.

At 30 I prepare for my 40’s ; at 40 I prepare for my 50’s ; at 50 I prepare for my 60’s and so on”
– Elise

Interpersonal Communication
Integrative Health Coach
Digestive Wellness
Healthy Cooking  & Meal Planning
Elimination Diets & Detoxification

ThetaHealing® Technique

I work with the principle that we create our own reality therefore we receive what we have called for whether intentionally or not.

Time is an illusion but life might have taught us that there is not enough of it so we feel drained running after our dreams and trying to make ends meet; which leads to your health being drained and dreams turning into disappointment….

There is a way around that, and a simple one, let me assure you.

So if you think that you are at a point in your life where you need to change behaviors and old habits, where your day-to-day living is not what you really want, and where your goals seem lightyears away, I can help you make that change, easily and naturally.


Integrative Health Coach

As an Integrative Health Coach, I can help you define what works for you to reach an optimum healthy body that will support a beautiful mind.

I am not talking about size 2 or 3 or 4. I am not talking about daily weighing and the calorie counting at each meal, rather about a body that functions well because it is well-nourished and taken care of.

Did you know that there are over 100 proven diets and thousands and thousands of healthy tips. But did you know that what might work for one person will not work for another. Did you also know that a healthy food is not always the way to the perfect body? So many other ingredients are required and these ingredients are not found on a plate. I am talking about relationships, finances, spiritual practice and physical activities and the most important of all, is your daily intake of Vitamin L = Love💚


Recent Posts

I would love to guide you!

Life can be as joyful and easy as you want it to be! Happy to assist you during this transformation with practical tools and spiritual concepts <3.
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